Biznesscorner( Buy,Sell,Swap) Mobile classified App



Biznesscorner is a classified mobile app for making friends , selling ,buying and swapping of used and new goods . It will be soon launched on both Android and IOS platforms . With this app selling and buying will be completed just in a few clicks on your mobile device. It is a social ecommerce platform that enables users to sell ,buy and swap their belongings around their local areas.

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It will be launched first in Cameroon with its beta version both on Androind and IOS while we look forward spreading to other regions of Africa as the startup grows and gains network effect and traction. You can find some of its core features below.





Accept & Deny / Giving Away
  • Accept and Deny allows buyers to request offer to the sellers. It’s completely up to the seller either to accept or deny the offer.
  • Giving Away is an intriguing update which allows sellers to post any product without providing the price which is similar as it is available for free.
Chat block option / Chat templates
  • Privacy update which provides users to block any other specific user to avoid receiving unknown/unwanted messages.
  • In Conversation page, few templates has been given like “Hi, I’d like to buy it” by default, for buyer and seller to use different templates while chatting.
  • Being one of the easiest and quickest revenue in Biznesscorner Ad promotions for each product will be displayed at the top of the page in search result.
  • Admins may provide Ad Promotions by assigning a specific cost for a specific number of days to avail for the sellers.
  • Ad Promotions provide higher visibility in search results by listing the ads stand out from regular posts which makes sellers to get more buyers.
  • The Next quickest promotion to sell the products much faster than ever in Biznesscorner app is Urgent Promotions.
  • Admin may provide Urgent promotions to the sellers to those product which has to sell immediately by assigning his own specified cost.
  • By using this feature, the product will be displayed at higher frequency of listing placement and the buyer gets more opportunities to see the product.
Instant live chat/Image & Location share
  • Discussions are now made easier & better between the buyer and seller through the Instant Live chat feature.
  • Sellers may now share their present look of their product and also buyers may share their location incase if required to the sellers on the chat window.
  • Either seller or buyer will be notified with the push notifications if any other texts one another about any product discussions.
  • Instant Live Chat makes the sale or purchase between buyer and seller simple with Unread Message Indication, typing texts etc.
  • Users can choose different languages to go international or target specific country of your wish with the multilingual support.
  • Biznesscorner app can be translated in to any language. You can easily change all the content in the site and in admin panel.
  • With many languages to choose from you can start your own classifieds site in your own native language or the language you would actually want to.
Exchange To Buy
  • Exchange to buy is one of the interesting feature which any other script may never avail or provide.
  • Here, if any user is about to buy a product from other user but couldn’t afford to buy it. He may product swap by using this feature.
  • Product Swapping in the sense the users may exchange their products in return to the product they need. By choosing the product you want to exchange you can send an “exchange request” to the other seller quickly.
Make an Offer
  • Buyers now may request for offers from the sellers using this Make an Offer feature. Once the offer is requested it will be notified to the Seller.
  • Sellers may now avail buyers more and more offers by using make an offer feature. Make an offer can also be used to provide offers to a buyer individually.
  • Our team also has a vision of roadmap in building up this feature as Accept/Decline which makes easy to the sellers to accept or decline an offer.
  • Users may easily identify the Seller using this Verification feature.
  • Verification feature is highly recommended for the buyers to find and get to identify the Trusted Seller.
  • The Verifications may done by Emails-Confirming email by clicking the link sent, Facebook-logging in using the user account or Mobile-by using the OTP sent.
Social Activities
  • Make the process of registering and logging in as easy as possible with social profile login and the users may also like and comment on products.
  • Follow any seller you trust or you are interested in buying a specified seller’s product.
  • Users may invite friends using social networks and For to make selling easier, sellers and buyers may share their products in social media which assist as promotional activity.
Currency Management
  • Buyers may purchase the product only by the currency which is provided and allowed by the seller.
  • Admin may also provide currencies based on their native location.
Advanced Search Filters
  • Category based search provides users to search for products based on the category they required and provides quick results on the category.
  • Location based search provides users to search for products based on the location they wish and it provides effective results around the location.
  • Distance based search provides users to search for products based on a particular location and the miles of distance which has to be covered on search.
Product Details
  • Product details feature provides the dusk to dawn details of the products such as Name, Category, Upload time, Views etc.
  • Report Inappropriate feature is available to the users where he/she may report any product which is inappropriate to the category.