Cloud Solutions


Cloud Computing Expertise by Camerdigitals .

The good news? You can count on the expertise of the Camerdigitals team to evaluate your situation and recommend a cloud computing solution that is perfect for your business’ needs. Whether you are considering a public, private or hybrid cloud computing solution, we provide in-depth consultation and recommendations based on your unique requirements.

We provide the right solution to give you a competitive advantage. How do we do this? We start with our proprietary analysis process that is all about listening to understand your needs. We collaborate with you to develop solutions while keeping your timeline and budget top of mind. Because we are committed to constant innovation, we can propose solutions that are cutting-edge.

Your success is our success, so we won’t stop until we exceed your expectations. Once we deliver our solution, our team is committed to prompt follow-up and systems reviews so we can recommend how your cloud-computing technology should change as your business grows.

We want to build a relationship with you that will have you rely on us for your future IT needs. As a result, you can count on us to be comprehensive in our recommendations and solutions delivery.


Multi-Cloud and Anything-aaS Management Platforms

We’re rapidly approaching the tenth anniversary of the cloud. In the last decade, the cloud has fundamentally reshaped the infrastructure hosting and enterprise IT space, and in the process has matured enormously. The cloud has evolved from a rudimentary alternative to on-prem data centers to the highly capable and flexible platform we take for granted today.

It will continue to evolve in the future, in ways that are both predictable and beyond our ability to forecast. The future of cloud will be managed, hybrid, make heavy use of containers, and be distributed beyond the traditional data center.

The next generation of cloud computing will deliver value to the business faster by automating everything from request to deployment and configuration—and it will do so up and down the stack and across the entire infrastructure.

In order for the next generation of computing to achieve these goals, there are five platform requirements of which CloudFX are addressing each of these through both our Smart Digital Market Place platform and our Intelligent Business Management Platform:

  1. A management platform that engenders a high degree of service flexibility
  2. A platform that can support multiple constituencies
  3. A platform that is not tied to a single infrastructure
  4. An intelligent management platform
  5. A platform that is integrated with existing enterprise management technology and processes