Hotel Management Mobile App Solution

Hotel Management System

To succeed in your business, independent hoteliers need a comprehensive solution that is flexible and agile.

Hotel Management System is an ideal software solution for Hospitality Industry that can be used at hotels, motels, inns, resorts, lodges etc.

Bigperl’s product of Hotel Management System is a comprehensive software suite consisting of integrated modules for various aspects of hotel management.It includes all the features required in a Hotel Management Software, Hotel Reservation Software, Hotel Reception Software (Front Office), Call Accounting, Hotel Point of Sales (Restaurant, Bar, Room Service, House Keeping or any other outlet), Inventory Management System and Hotel accounting software.

Room Allotments

 Room Allocation as per Preference

 Best Occupancy Level Allocation


 Configure Charges

 Generate Electronic Card Key

 Guest Notifications

 Internal Notification

 Bar or Unbar Phones

 Share Information with Third Party Software

 Early Check-In Charges

 Live Inventory Update

 Black Listed Guest Alerts

 Day-Use Charge


 Late Check-Out Fee

 Guest Billing

 Payment Modes

 Folio Transfer

 Check Point

 Gate Pass Printing

 Automated Feedback Form

 Alerts for Housekeeping

 Real Time inventory Update

Registration Card and E-Signature

Group Management

 Group Bookings / Reservations

 Group Check-Out

Front Desk OperationsGuest services with a smile

FrontDesk is the heart of every hotel’s operations, it acts as the center of operations where majority of the information passes through and processes are triggered. All the information is displayed in an easy GUI with organic process flow making your front desk operations more streamlined and efficient.

Profile ManagementUnderstand your relationships better

Guest Profile

 Guest Profile

 Company Profile

 Business Source Profile

 Travel Agent Profile

 Linear/Non Linear Rates

Set the linear rate for your hotel by defining weekday and weekend rates, which becomes the base line rate for your hotel. Furthermore, you can also define tariff for extra adult and extra child for the room types.

 Rates Inclusive/Exclusive Tax

Not every service in hotel is taxed and keeping that in mind, we have created a easy to use tool which lets you define which rates are taxable and which are not. In the rate screen, you will be able to easily distinguish between rates inclusive of taxes and rates exclusive of taxes. In addition, you can always change the parameter as per the changing requirement.

 Seasonal Rates

During high seasons, you want to reach the maximum occupancy and yield and for that you need to have the most appropriate rates structure. eZee FrontDesk lets you configure season and define rates in the system which will be active for a specific period of time zusätzliche information. This configuration updates the rates instantly in the system as soon as the season kicks in. This period can be set as per your discretion and can be modified at any given time by changing the dates, giving you complete control over the seasonal rates.

Rate ManagementFlexible rate management for higher revenue

Rate Management

Revenue ManagementIncrease your occupancy with optimum yields

 Yield Management

Get more competitive with Yield Management which allows you to regulate special rates based on your hotel’s occupancy level. For example, you can set up two different rates, one when your hotel is at 60% occupancy and another rate for 80% occupancy. The system will automatically update the rate as the hotel reaches the occupancy level. If neither of the conditions are met, the hotel will stay at the default rate level.

 Special Rates for Business Source and Travel Agent

Define special rates for your business partners such as car rentals, local travel agent, travel websites (OTA) and any other company with business relations. Once you have set up individual rates, it will automatically reflect in your bookings by tying it correctly to the source account. This makes it easy for you to keep track transactions taking place with all your business sources and OTAs.

Back Office Operations

 User Roles and Access Rights

 Night Audit

 Shift and Cash Management